I am a designer who wishes to create positive changes in this world.

XIA - The hot passionate summer.

YI - Simplist form of all numbers.

PING - Zen, calm, eternity.

What do you think of when you ask, "who am I?"
As such, how do you define your state of being at the very present?
Nothing stays constant. As of me? I am a person now, and would probably reside that state for the next couple of decades.
And I am that dreamer, enthusiast and designer born out of the doodling childhood and engineering adolescence.

To be more daring, and live boldly; to be a strong woman and live on my own terms; to be the change I want to see in this world, pursue my love, and live my dreams.
Life is too short for us to hold back and follow the “supposed-to-be”s.

The content for this section is coming really soon

Redesign, insight driven, iterative processes

Revamp of main customer app to support business transformation.


Emotional, robotic, design in engineering

Tapping into the emotional aspect of social-interactive robot design


Up in the sky, down in the ocean, deep underground

Reusable architectures


The concept, research, problem solving

The application of mindfulness and wellbeing concepts in the realm of personal finance management.


Critical analysis on all things emotional

An emotional crisis is coming. Emotions may be the root cause of past wars & tragedies. Emotions may lead us to a "brave new world"


An exploratory attempt into architecture

What is, architecture?